To be appointed with FSL to solicit annuities, you must complete the product training on this website. Please review the PowerPoint Product Training carefully. Upon completion of your training you will be prompted to complete the “Product Training, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Continuing Education (CE) Certification Form.” You will then be instructed to submit the form electronically to home office.

If you have not completed your AML or CE you will be required to provide separate certification to home office prior to your appointment with FSL being complete. You can print this form to supplement your electronic submission if you will be completing your AML or Continuing Education at a later date.

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Annuity Product Training, Anti-Money Laundering, Continuing Education

As an appointed insurance producer of Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, I certify that I successfully completed the following training:

I certify that I have completed all state required Annuity Continuing Education training course(s) in the state(s) of:

I certify that I have completed all state required Annuity Suitability Certfication courses(s) in the state(s) of:


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FINRA Anti-Money Laundering E-Learning Course Date (web based)


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